Scoperta una nuova pianta del tè naturalmente senza caffeina: si chiama HONGYACHA e cresce in Fujian (via The Economist)

"Liang Chen and Ji-Qiang Jin of the Tea Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences think they have found just such a plant growing wild in a remote area in Fujian province, southern China. As they report in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, not only is the tea plant naturally caffeine-free but [...]

Christmas t(r)ea

If the tea bush were a Christmas tree, pickers would only take leaves from the bough where the star is placed, the very tip, and perhaps a few of the branches with ornaments on them.  Sarah Rose "For all the tea in China: Espionage, empire and the secret formula for the world's favourite drink"

‘Tea is an addiction’

Tea is an addiction, but an addiction different from all others. It is milder, a habit relatively easily broken. It is more universal. Most unusually, it is good for the addict. And it is largely unnoticed both to those addicted and others. Indeed, the conquest of the world by tea has been so successfull that [...]