Habitual tea drinkers begin to feel restless if they do not get their cup at the usual time. In my opinion, the usefulness of tea, if any, consists in the fact that it supplies a warm sweet drink which contains some milk. The same purpose may well be served by taking boiled hot water mixed with a little milk and sugar. Mahatma Gandhi in "A Key to Health"
Un uomo che vuole farsi strada nella vita non può fare di meglio che andare per il mondo con una bollente teiera in mano. Sydney Smith
I had a little tea party / This afternoon at three. / 'Twas very small - / Three guest in all - / Just I, myself and me. // Myself ate all the sandwiches, / While I drank up the tea; / 'Twas also I who ate the pie / And passed the cake to me. Jessica Nelson North, "The Tea Party"
The British like a strong cup of tea with a liberal splash of milk; the Dutch a mild cup; the East Frisians add cream; on the subcontinent they cook their tea in milk; the Afghans like green tea but the Pakistanis black; the deep south of America drinks it iced; the Burmese eat is as a salad; the Tibetans mix it with butter... the list goes on. The only consistency is the bush that started it all: Camellia sinensis. Will Battle, The World Tea Encyclopaedia
Una tazza di tè forte è meglio di venti leggere. Al vero amante del tè non piace solo il tè forte, ma un po' più forte ogni anno che passa. George Orwell, "A nice cup of tea"

No one is so busy they can't take time to make a decent cup of tea and if you are that busy you don't deserve a decent cup of tea for what is it all about anyway?

Frank McCourt, "' Tis: a Memoir"
Blood, sweat, and tea, sister! That's what it takes to achieve all great and terrible things. Emory R. Frie, "Wonderland"