If the tea bush were a Christmas tree, pickers would only take leaves from the bough where the star is placed, the very tip, and perhaps a few of the branches with ornaments on them.  Sarah Rose “For all the tea in China: Espionage, empire and the secret formula for the world’s favourite drink”

Tea is an addiction, but an addiction different from all others. It is milder, a habit relatively easily broken. It is more universal. Most unusually, it is good for the addict. And it is largely unnoticed both to those addicted and others. Indeed, the conquest of the world by tea has been so successfull that we have forgotten that it has happened at all. Tea has become like water or air, something that many of us take for granted. Alan Macfarlane, “The empire of tea”

Habitual tea drinkers begin to feel restless if they do not get their cup at the usual time. In my opinion, the usefulness of tea, if any, consists in the fact that it supplies a warm sweet drink which contains some milk. The same purpose may well be served by taking boiled hot water mixed with a little milk and sugar. Mahatma Gandhi in “A Key to Health”

Un uomo che vuole farsi strada nella vita non può fare di meglio che andare per il mondo con una bollente teiera in mano. Sydney Smith

I had a little tea party / This afternoon at three. / ‘Twas very small – / Three guest in all – / Just I, myself and me. // Myself ate all the sandwiches, / While I drank up the tea; / ‘Twas also I who ate the pie / And passed the cake to me.

Jessica Nelson North, “The Tea Party”

The British like a strong cup of tea with a liberal splash of milk; the Dutch a mild cup; the East Frisians add cream; on the subcontinent they cook their tea in milk; the Afghans like green tea but the Pakistanis black; the deep south of America drinks it iced; the Burmese eat is as a salad; the Tibetans mix it with butter… the list goes on. The only consistency is the bush that started it all: Camellia sinensis.
Will Battle, The World Tea Encyclopaedia

No one is so busy they can’t take time to make a decent cup of tea and if you are that busy you don’t deserve a decent cup of tea for what is it all about anyway?

Frank McCourt, “‘ Tis: a Memoir”

Arthur guardò gli schermi e sbatté le palpebre: a un tratto gli parve di sentire la mancanza di qualcosa di importante. Ma cosa? Dopo qualche attimo, capì cos’era e chiese: “Si può avere del tè su questa astronave?”.

Douglas Adams, “Guida galattica per gli autostoppisti”

Quando tutto il resto non funziona, bevi un po’ di tè. Davvero. Rimarrai stupito nel vedere quanti problemi possa risolvere. Ci piace pensarlo come il whiskey di Buddha. Tara Cottrell, “La dieta di Buddha”