A gift of “immortal buds” sent from an old friend
“first spring picking from the Ekkei fields,” he said.
Opening the packet, color and fragrance filled the room,
Proud banners and lances of outstanding quality.
Clear water dipped at the banks of the Kamo
Well boiled on the stove, just right for new tea.
The first sip revealed an incomparable taste,
Purifying sweetness refreshing to the soul.
No need waisting time on butterfly dreams
Rising up, utterly cleansed, beyond the world,
I smile, there’s not one word in my dried-up gut,
Just the wondrous meaning beyond all doctrine.
I’ve been poor so long, pinched with hunger,
Now a kind gift to soothe my parched throat,
Dewdrops so sweet they put manna to shame –
A fresh breeze rises round me, lifting me upward.
It doesn’t take seven cups like Master Lu says
My guests get old Chao-chou’s one cup tea;
And whoever can grasp the taste in that cup
Whether stranger or friend, knows my true mind.
Sake fuels the vital spirits, works like courage,
Tea works benevolently, purifying the soul.
Courageous feats that put the world in your debt
Couldn’t match the benefit benevolence brings.
A tea unsurpassed for color, flavor, and scent,
Attributes that Buddhists refer to as “dusts,”
But only through them is the true taste known,
They are the Dharma body, primal suchness.

Fonte: The Old Tea Seller: Life and Zen Poetry in 18th Century Kyoto di Baisao (2009).

I had a little tea party / This afternoon at three. / ‘Twas very small – / Three guest in all – / Just I, myself and me. // Myself ate all the sandwiches, / While I drank up the tea; / ‘Twas also I who ate the pie / And passed the cake to me.

Jessica Nelson North, “The Tea Party”

Gong Fu Cha-iku

Originally posted on HaikuSpot:
Come prepararsi un buon tè secondo il gong fu cha, il rito tradizionale cinese del tè. Ecco in un comodo tanka le sue regole. Occhi* su foglie, cinque grammi per litro – trenta secondi. È la buona base per un buon rito cinese. *si riferisce alla temperatura dell’acqua che, di rito, viene…

Più tè e tanta poesia: ecco i nostri buoni propositi per il 2018!

      E i voi, avete già scritto i buoni propositi per il 2018?

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